Finally it’s here! A new web page that is easier to update has been one of my biggest wishes for some time now. Even though I enjoyed my old page, it had two big shortcomings; impossible to view from a tablet or mobile phone, and it was very time consuming to update with new material. The consequence was that during busy times the webpage could be left outdated by months.

With the new page updating images is just as easy as uploading them to Facebook, so now you can visit this page and find new work as soon as it has been released. The downside is that you loose some quality on the images compared to the old site. Since the gallery function needs to work on different platforms it needs to rescale the images online. The result is that the images sometime can appear either unsharp or too sharp (noisy). So please take this into consideration.

In this blog I will from time to time showcase different before / after samples, and I will try to keep the text to a minimum. I like the images to speak for themselves, but should you have any questions feel free to contact me.